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City of Dallas/HUD CDBG Program

Welcome to the Business Assistance Center (BAC) Program. This is a federally funded program through the City of Dallas, intended to assist Low-to-Moderate Income Persons who are interested in a Micro-Enterprise Business (with 5 employees or less including the business owner) or increasing the capacity of an existing Micro-Enterprise.

NOTE: Referrals made by the BAC do not constitute an endorsement by the BAC nor the City of Dallas for such services.

DISCLAIMER: The BAC provides persons with technical assistance for starting or improving their business through this program. Suggestions and assistance provided by the BAC do not constitute professional services or professional advice by the BAC nor the City of Dallas. For professional services or professional advice, you understand that you should consult with a professional.

To better serve you, please provide the following information. Place "NA" if the category or information does not apply to you:

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